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PerpetualGrid provides bespoke solutions to global enterprises with ambitious climate goals. Decarbonize your operations and improve your bottom-line.

Reduce emissions

Develop actionable climate strategies guided by world-class experts. Implement solutions that reduce emissions and create economic value.

  • net zero strategy

    Receive expert analysis and strategic advice on financially accretive pathways to reduce emissions and meet your goals.

    • Measure GHG emissions and set science-based targets
    • Build actionable roadmaps to meet your goals
    • Monitor performance and report on progress
  • clean energy

    Prepare your team and accelerate renewable energy transactions that protect against unmitigated risk and cost premiums.

    • Evaluate your options for procuring high-quality RECs
    • Analyze and prioritize locations for on-site renewables
    • Explore and transact on premier PPA opportunities
  • energy conservation

    Identify efficiency upgrades and funding solutions to overcome budget constraints, save money, and accelerate carbon reductions.

    • Analyze portfolio-wide energy efficiency opportunities
    • Prioritize and deploy capital into in high-ROI projects
    • Fund upgrades with cash-flow positive financing solutions

    Decarbonize your supply chain through collaboration that enables increased efficiency and access to renewable energy.

    • Demonstrate leadership through Program Sponsorship
    • Promote economic efficiency upgrades across Suppliers
    • Unlock Supplier access to high-quality renewable energy
  • impact investments

    Evaluate and capitalize on tailored investment opportunities that decarbonize your operations and supply chain.

    • Determine the feasibility and structure of equity investments
    • Identify projects with an attractive return on invested capital
    • Fund and own high-impact projects that generate returns

Reduce costs

Create data-driven energy management strategies tailored to your operations. Execute on opportunities to mitigate market risk and reduce your energy costs.

  • energy procurement

    Proactively identify market opportunities and secure lower energy prices through competitive bidding and expert negotiations.

    • Implement custom strategies to manage price volatility
    • Receive proactive market insights and buying signals
    • Engage and transact with competitive energy suppliers
  • utility negotiations

    Navigate complex market regulations and improve your cost structure through expert guidance and negotiations.

    • Negotiate with utilities to capture savings and incentives
    • Analyze utility tariffs and identify untapped opportunity
    • Monitor regulatory proceedings that impact your costs
  • community solar

    Evaluate and negotiate Community Solar subscriptions that provide guaranteed electricity savings with no upfront costs.

    • Analyze your regulatory footprint for eligible opportunities
    • Review program economics and terms to assess feasibility
    • Competitively bid and negotiate optimal subscriptions

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